About Jammy Custard

We’re an experienced creative agency based in Cardiff. We’re proud specialists in creating meaningful animated videos and design work for businesses across multiple industries.

Matthew Creed

Matthew Creed

An obsession with cartoons in the 80s and 90s sparked Matthew’s passion for animation. Still a child at heart, he leads our video and animation projects.

Matthew is a huge fan of music. When he’s not listening to a new album or attempting to play his guitar, you’ll usually find him at a gig or festival.

Patrick Hathaway

Patrick Hathaway

14 years of website building and content strategy makes Patrick our perfect pick to co-produce, build narratives and project manage.

Patrick is a bass-loving sound technician and a passionate motorsport watcher. He’ll be behind the wheel of his own race car one day. One day.

The Name and Brand

The name (or more specifically the combination of Jam and Custard) is representative of a team that is contrasting in their abilities, approaches and thought processes, coming together to create the perfect blend of creativity. We aim to excite one another with our ideas and ultimately, we want to excite you and your audiences.

‘Jammy Custard’ is also a good indicator of our nature. It’s light-hearted and sets the tone for our working climate. There’s nothing more warming than ‘hearing’ a smile break out on someone’s face as they utter the name. We won’t be fully-creative if we’re miserable and given the lasting impression and value design has on your business, no matter how sincere the subject – we work hard to be in a comfortable and inspiring surrounding.

Project management made simple and easy


All under contract with Signable

Rather than fuss with paper contracts signed in ink we use an online system called Signable, allowing you to receive a link to a contract on a secure server where you can read and digitally sign. It’s instant, secure and legally binding – no paper or postage required!

Project Management through Basecamp

To keep project communication simple and well documented we use an online project management tool called Basecamp, where all aspects of the project can be shared, discussed and acted upon. With both our team and yours having access to everything all in one place it helps keep projects on track as we work towards that all-important deadline.

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