Animated Explainer Video

Relate to your audience, clearly demonstrate your offering and improve conversions. That’s the aim for every Jammy Custard animated explainer video.

Features & Benefits

An audience’s focus, brand awareness and understanding of a solution are demonstrably improved with Explainer Videos. Below is a quick overview of the key benefits of using an animated explainer video to boost your business.

Communicate your offering clearly

Improve Search Engine Listings

Social Media Friendly

Connect emotionally with your viewers

Improve website conversions

Showcase Brand Personality

Perfect For…

New Technology

New Audiences

How Information is Used

Complex Systems

Online Services / Apps

Mobile Apps


“Jammy Custard have a great drive for results; keeping a tight ship on project plan and schedule.

The Jammies make sure they really understand the client and their needs; they really ‘get us’ and what we want to achieve, and each time have pulled fantastic results out of the bag.

I cannot recommend them highly enough and do so at every available opportunity. If you hire them you won’t be disappointed.”

Kelly Freeman – Internal Communications Manager

Animated Explainer Video Examples

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