Social Content Video

Keep your video short, your message sharp and your Call-to-action practical. Jammy Custard’s formula for social video content.

Features & Benefits

When given a clear objective and goal, social video content can be one of the most effective content creation investments. So what’s your goal? Here’s a splash of features and benefits Jammy Custard social video can provide.

Communicate your offering clearly and quickly

Attracts more attention than static imagery

A more visual and valuable social profile

Connect emotionally with your viewers

Drive traffic to your website or profile

Perfect for paid ad campaigns

Perfect For…

Brand Awareness

New Audiences

Events & Milestones

Long-narrative Campaigns / Stories

Online Services / Apps

Building Topical Conversation


“Jammy Custard have a great drive for results; keeping a tight ship on project plan and schedule.

The Jammies make sure they really understand the client and their needs; they really ‘get us’ and what we want to achieve, and each time have pulled fantastic results out of the bag.

I cannot recommend them highly enough and do so at every available opportunity. If you hire them you won’t be disappointed.”

Kelly Freeman – Internal Communications Manager

Social Content Video Examples

Imagine Going Viral

If you think you have a message that can get you around the networks like wildfire, we could help you. Let’s talk.