Training / E-Learning Video

One of our most popular services, Jammy Custard are experts in taking information for employee consumption and converting it into easy to access, highly visual works of art.

Features & Benefits

While communicating with your workforce is key to training, it’s also vital for morale and helping your employees feel in control of their own role. Here are just a few key benefits.

Communicate clearly and in more detail

Use flow and movement to hold focus

Showcase and Instil Brand Consistency

Connect emotionally with your colleagues

Perfect For…

Introduce new Products

Intranet Launches

Company Results and Anouncements

New Employee Training & Induction

Charity & Social Campaigns

Brand Awareness


“Jammy Custard have a great drive for results; keeping a tight ship on project plan and schedule.

The Jammies make sure they really understand the client and their needs; they really ‘get us’ and what we want to achieve, and each time have pulled fantastic results out of the bag.

I cannot recommend them highly enough and do so at every available opportunity. If you hire them you won’t be disappointed.”

Kelly Freeman – Internal Communications Manager

Training / E-Learning Examples

Careless Talk Costs Sales

If you want your employees to listen up and act on their new knowledge, make it animated. Talk to us: