Just 1 minute of video can make all the difference to your workforce. We can provide you with film and animation for inductions, intranets, training and more.

Jammy Custard Animations

We’re proven specialists in creating meaningful internal communication videos and design work for large companies and councils right across the UK.

Some of our Internal Communications clients

House of Fraser
Staffordshire Housing Association
Costain (Highways)
The National Trust

White Stuff
dnata Europe (Emirates Group)
Lambeth Council
Wallenborn (Europe)

What Videos Can We Offer?

Promote And Explain

New Service and Product Explainer Videos
Intranet Videos
Company Results Videos

Tell Your Story

Event Coverage Videos
Brand Awareness Campaigns
Launch & Success Story Videos

Show Love & Support

Training Videos
Induction Videos
Charity & Social Campaigns


1/4 – Duration

Often clients come to us with an idea of duration in mind, and how that time can be best filled. Often they’ve over-estimated.

We’re experts at condensing information into something punchy in as little time as needed, without it coming across like a jumbled sprint. Rest assured, if we think your ideas can shave off some time (and possibly money) we’ll let you know. But remember, it’s also harder to plan a 30 second video than it is a minute!


2/4 – Complexity

When you require animation in your video, moving a box from one edge of the frame to another is straight forward enough, but making a character with limbs ‘walk’ the same path is quite different. That means if a short video is packed full of characters and movement you can guarantee the production time (and fees) will be higher. We’ll help you determine what you can achieve for your budget whilst making sure the video does what’s intended. But if you want something specific let us know and we’ll help you establish its feasibility.


3/4 – Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting is the most integral part of the video. It provides direction, timing and a model for how your message is taken on board, emotions and all. If a script is uninspiring or jumbled, the video’s effectiveness will plummet.

We’ll ensure, with a few directions from yourself, that the script is created to a high standard and to a tone of voice your target market can appreciate, without losing your own brand’s personality. But most important of all, we’ll make sure that your viewers understand the proposition and want to know more.


4/4 – The Art of Voice-Overs

Choosing the right voice-over artist isn’t rocket science, but an art form. They have the ability to add a lot of personality and clarity to a video, but they have to speak for you and to your viewers. If your market doesn’t speak pigeon English, a well-pronounced “how do you do?” artist won’t help your cause.

Jammy Custard has spent years developing relationships with voice-over artists from across the UK and beyond, helping find the best match for any video and intended market.

Working with us

We use Basecamp

To keep project communication simple and well documented we use an online project management tool called Basecamp, where all aspects of the project can be shared, discussed and acted upon. It also helps keep projects on track as we work towards that all-important deadline.

We can provide multiple user accounts to your business, so all team members can be keep track of progress, scheduling and when your input is needed, as well as uploading and downloading files – 24 hours a day.

Signable Contracts

All under contract

All our projects are placed under a contractual agreement, ensuring fairness throughout for all involved.

Rather than fuss with paper contracts signed in ink we use an online system called Signable, allowing you to receive a link to a contract on a secure server where you can read and digitally sign. It’s instant, secure and legally binding – no paper or postage required! However, if you would rather get the quill and ink out, no problem.

Professional And fun

We realise how important this work is to your team, and we’ll ensure our conduct is professional and sincere. But as well as this, it is vital to enjoy a creative project and our personal nature and a visit to our studio is the best evidence we can give you of how important that is to us.

Our workshops require energy and vitality to get the grey matter whirring, so you can be sure we’ll maintain a supply of biscuits to keep energy levels topped up.


“Jammy Custard have a great drive for results; keeping a tight ship on project plan and schedule.

The Jammies make sure they really understand the client and their needs; they really ‘get us’ and what we want to achieve, and each time have pulled fantastic results out of the bag.

I cannot recommend them highly enough and do so at every available opportunity. If you hire them you won’t be disappointed.”

Kelly Freeman – Superdrug Internal Communications Manager
(and presently Interact Intranet)

4 Step Video Project Process

Pre production planning

1. Planning

To start, we find out everything we need to know about your objectives, your audience and your offering. We use any number of techniques and strategies to gain all the information we need. This is where ideas start to form.

pre production video

2. Pre-Production

This stage is where the ideas are filtered down and the core ideas become fleshed out. We’ll produce key tools like scripts and storyboards. Further planning of resources will also be made.

Video Production

3. Production

This is where things really start to stir. This stage involves bringing the idea to life through filming, animating, cutting and editing the resources to form the final video content.

Video Post Production

4. Post-Production

The final stage is creating the product, whether that’s getting a DVD press ready or getting a video uploaded to a video server and optimised so it can be found and ready to share.

Spreading the message with print

Supporting your video with printed materials can help keep your message front and centre for your staff.

Whether it’s a simple leaflet or poster around the workplace, or a booklet filled with additional information that they can take home and read, it’s important to keep everything consistent to strengthen your message. That’s why having our experienced design team on hand to produce both your video and print together is such a strength!

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Tailored Quotations

Whilst it’s difficult for us to show pricing for tailored projects, we do want to give you a good idea of the investment needed. We will provide a no obligation quote after initial discussions. If you have a budget and vision in mind for your project, let us know and we’ll work with you to realise a solution right for you. We’re also happy to discuss flexible payment plans.

Retainer Agreements

We welcome the opportunity to develop retainer agreements to become your HR and Internal Comms trusty “Creative Department”. We can offer competitively reduced rates for an agreed level of work and with easy review and breakout clauses.

Get a Quote

You don’t need to know exactly what you’re after. That’s what we’re here for! Simply tell us about your company, what challenges you face and what you would like to achieve.  Once you’ve submitted your enquiry we’ll respond within 24 hours (longer on weekends).

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