*** We’re adding to this guide all the time – check back soon, or if you have any particular questions, feel free to ask. ***

The aim of this document is to help you get the best animation and motion graphics video for your campaign. There’s plenty to think about, so we’ve provided a set of questions to ask yourself to be able to create a brief.

Read-through the guide first before writing a brief. Do not feel obliged to use all sections and questions. These are provided as ideas and per this document – a guide. Provide as much information as you feel appropriate, but if you can’t provide any further content to a section, let us know.

Sections of Your Brief

Tell us about your organisation and what has led you to require a video. This should be provided as a short section of text and/or a set of links.

Usually provided as a definitive statement or at least a set of bullet points:

  • What is the outright goal of the campaign or the video? (e.g. generate traffic to a landing page)
  • How will you measure how the video is performing?
  • How will an audience end up watching your video?
  • If the video is supporting a campaign, what’s the status of the campaign?

State where you intend to use the video. This may affect certain costs, particularly for voice-over and music licences:

  • Will the video be used in public spaces, such as in shops, foyers and conferences?
  • If the video is to be used in paid ad campaigns (digital and broadcast), which services are you planning to use and approximately, what is the ad spend?

Social feeds have meant that videos are now often designed to work in square shaped videos and with text on-screen in case a user doesn’t have sound on (videos play without sound by default).

Other considerations such as language and length need to be considered.

  • What languages do you require?
  • What size/resolution video do you need? E.g. Wide, Portrait, Square
  • Do you require subtitles or type to be designed into the animation?
  • Does the video need to work without sound?
  • Are you using the video as an advert on TV? There will be certain rules for us to follow to ensure good quality.
  • Why will animation help you and your campaign?
  • Why will animation help your audience?
  • Describe the audience you really want
  • What 3 things are important to remember about your audience?
  • What do you want your audience to think when watching the video?
  • What will the audience take away from the video?
  • Call to action – what do you want the audience to do when they finish watching the video?
  • Does the video need to follow any brand or campaign style guidelines?
  • What 3 words or phrases best describe the tone for the video?
  • If the video is not expected to follow guidelines, what creative influences should we consider? Have you seen something you like?


  • Tell us when you would like the project to start
  • Tell us when you would like the project to finish
  • If you have a budget to aim for, let us know. Even if it is lower, we can help you work the most effective way of spending that budget.