Animating Ellie Makes Music – ‘Mountains’

Ellie Makes Music is a singer-songwriter from Cardiff and ‘MOUNTAINS’ is an animated music video we made to promote her second EP ‘Are You Listening? (2015)


We were approached by Ellie to create an animated music video for the lead single ‘Mountains’ to promote her forthcoming EP Are You Listening?’.

The song is about empowerment and resilience, It was discussed early on that the video essentially be a literal interpretation of the song and follow a scenic journey of overcoming obstacles.

Our aims for the video was to reflect the song and make it feel big, colourful and up lifting. Focusing on Ellie as the protagonist, the animation follows her as she overcomes varying obstacles of size. Starting with tying her shoelaces, jumping over a river, to ultimately succeeding in climbing a mountain.

Ellie along with Bounce publishing were terrific to work with, making it a fun project to work on.

Animating Ellie

To create Ellie as an animated character, we called upon the DUIK character rig for After Effects to bring her to life.

Ellie was designed in Illustrator, then imported into After Effects where she was rigged for animation. The DUIK rig is a huge time saver that’s built upon using Inverse Kinematics for it’s movement.

Using IK helps to add little nuances to the movement that you’d perhaps miss if using Forward Kinematics. This is especially useful when you’re animating to a deadline and wouldn’t otherwise have time to spend on those little details. To give an idea of it’s efficiency we’ve included a time lapse of a scene below.

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