Meet The Team: Kyle

“Kyle Abraham is the only person who could have convinced me to reprise my role as Jack Traven for Speed 2: Cruise Control. Unfortunately, at the time he was only four years old.” – Keanu Reeves


Born and bred in the Llanelli wilderness, Kyle didn’t see a computer or a pair of real leather shoes until after Y2K. Eventually defeating the wolves that raised him, he began to familiarise himself with the unfamiliar. This whole new world was one of broccoli, brightly coloured furniture, War Of The Worlds and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Becoming widely inspired by movie title sequences, Nickelodeon and WordArt, Kyle went on to cultivate a possibly unhealthy design compulsion. Eventually satchel in hand, he found his way to Caerdydd and cut his teeth creating posters for National Theatre Wales, Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and other local events. Always being a lover of animation, finding a role with us seemed like the next compelling step.

Role at Jammy Custard

Originally brought on board as a creative and skilled graphic designer, Kyle has worked hard to build upon his role and help to play a more considerable part in the animating of our projects and has become a wizard at bringing high-quality graphic design into motion.  Meaning that he has recently been able to add a new title to his business cards. His creative ability and keen eye ensure that our work is on-brand, visually stunning and our colour palettes are exceptionally palatable.

His impossible wit and comedy genius have been an extremely welcome asset to the team (helping to improve productivity, our output quality and general morale). We have all been unable to fathom his ability to pick the perfect song for every situation, building extravagant levels of hype that never fail to get us in the mood (Hype Man has coincidentally also been added to his business card).

Life Outside The Studio

For the last few years, Kyle has been an extremely keen cook. During the early years of his life, the only options for survival were to steal frozen juice drinks and gnaw on dry twigs but this eventually would change. Once fully integrated into a traditional society and having the opportunity to sample such flavour eruptions as honey roasted carrot and silver tequila, it was a skyward spiral to gastronomic greatness. Eventually, he will become The Chilli Champion of South Wales.

Needing to saturate his mind with the magnificent movies of the 80’s (and their title sequences) he spends an inordinate amount of time in darkened rooms rewatching John Carpenter flicks until he is grumbling about David Lo Pan and believing he is as handsome as Kurt Russell. Luckily for him and even though, it was before his time he somehow managed to land a small but meaningful role in Carpenters cult classic They Live (1988). See below.

Disclaimer: This piece was written by Kyle. Consequently, some parts may or may not have been fictionalised.

Connect with Kyle

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Twitter: @kyle64j

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