Meet the team: Patrick

Put your feet up – discover more about our wondrously thinky, webby, mildly petrol-headed and bass-loving website designer, Patrick Hathaway.


Abertillery-born, Cardiff bred – Patrick spent his childhood surrounding himself with engine powered things. From his Radio Control Cars, Model Railways to making his father stand out in a blizzard on Crewe station to watch trains speed by – this youngster’s fascinations were clear.

As time moved on, Motorsport became a passion and whilst not exactly having a racing driver family (one with money, normally), he was still convinced he would be part of the fraternity and pulling off daring overtakes on rivals one day. As it became clear that wouldn’t happen (yet?), Patrick’s focus and fascinations turned to the general ways of life and how humans solved problems and interact with everyday things – partly helped by the trails blazed by his brother Peter who took up industrial/product design and his sister Catherine’s programming adventures (they really were adventures back in ’95).

Patrick graduated from UWIC (now Cardiff Met.) in Product Design BSc. and opted to begin a professional career sharing that knowledge with teachers and students through Sainsbury’s as an education liaison officer, whilst also developing a role in public relations within the company. Using this mix of knowledge and his self-started web design learning (back when table layouts were rife), Patrick looked for opportunities to have more tangible impact on improving people’s lives and businesses as a freelance web designer. That’s when Patrick teamed up with old college-chum Matt. The foundations of Jammy Custard!

Role at Jammy Custard

Patrick leads the web design and development efforts here at Jammy Custard, pulling together teams with the right expertise and advocates ‘design’ in its purest form – making peoples lives better. Patrick also likes to keep the rest of the team on their toes as they try to keep biscuit levels topped up.

As business development director, Patrick is often the one to get out on the road and drink coffee with contacts and help clients get a grip of their needs. He’s certainly not a fan of just taking a brief and merely carrying it out as if running a factory. He likes to get to the heart of things and understand why briefs have come about.

His on-going research into behaviours, choice architectures and other brainy sounding bits really are having an interesting and insightful affect on Jammy Custard’s output. If a client can make a single small change have a large positive affect, then you can be sure Patrick will have a smile on his face!

Life Outside The Studio

If Patrick isn’t to be found on the streets of his new home of Bristol, he’ll be back at his old home of Cardiff socialising and every 3rd Friday of the month, he’ll be obsessively detailing and balancing levels of the sound desk at Rumney Folk Club. From an early stage in the club’s 10 year history, Patrick was involved in helping promote the club and help establish it as a great source of donations for the community hall it resides in.

Fun fact: Patrick had the pleasure of sound engineering for Laura Marling at the club – he didn’t realise it though until he saw her on the main stage of Greenman Festival some years later. “Sorry Laura!”

Nonetheless, the contributions the club has made to his childhood suburb of Rumney makes him very proud and thankful.

Like Matt (but perhaps not quite as obsessed), music is a big part of Patrick’s social life and from time to time he can also be found rocking from one foot to another on stage, lurching over his bass guitar. Oh, how he loves the bass!

Our web boffin’s motorsport ambitions have not completely waned. He may have missed out on a professional career as a driver, but his passion for the sport and the engineering advancements involved have seen him branch out and take what he’s learned at Jammy Custard to a new level. Patrick is set to launch The Patron Motorsport Marketplace – a trading platform for racing cars, products and services. He’s hoping to make an impact on a national level before developing a team to open the platform to the european market and further afield. All sounds jolly exciting!

Connect with Patrick

Patrick’s always up for a chat, so if you have an interesting discussion on your mind or just want to find out what he’s up to, fire up your preferred contact method and go for it:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @phjammycustard

Linkedin: pahathaway