Our Top 5 Childhood Animations for International Animation Day 2016

International Animation Day

Dating back to October 28th, 1892, International Animation Day commemorates the first public performance of Charles-Emile Renaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, where he projected the first animated film in public called ‘Pauvre Pierrot’ (Poor Pete).

In 2002, the ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) announced that October 28th would be a global event to celebrate the art of animation.

Our Top 5 Favourite animations

To celebrate International Animation Day, we’re looking back at the animations that shaped and impacted our childhood, planting ideas in our heads that inspired us to do what we do today.

Transformers The Movie (1986)

There’s only one Transformers movie and it’s the original from 1986. The original that had no idea how popular it was until the backlash they received from killing off their main character ‘Optimus Prime’ to make way for a new line of toys. Featuring an amazing score by Vince Dicola and songs including Stan Bush’s ‘The Touch’, a great lineup of actors that had Orsen Welles final performance as the planet destroying Unicron, before he passed away.

Land Before Time

A Don Bluth classic, a film about dinosaurs separated from their families in search of the Great Valley. It teared us up as kids and hasn’t lost its effect today.

The Secret of Nimh

Another Don Bluth classic, though under rated in comparison to his bigger hits. This is a great example of a childrens film of science, magic and fantasy rolled into one, as we follow Nimh and her family who’s land is threatened by the farmer who owns it. A dark and magical film, with the most terrifying cat ever!

Ulysses 31

Greek mythology in space with a fantastic catchy opening soundtrack, how can you not love this?

Sherlock Hound

Probably our earliest introduction to the marvel of Studio Ghibli in the west. One of best things about Hayao Miyazaki is his ability to make various modes of transport and the engineering involved look exciting and wonderous. Even more so at a time, when as a child there were a lot of cartoons looking to the future with robots and space ships.

These are but a taste of some of the films and shows that shaped our childhood, it was extremely difficult to choose our top 5.

What did you watch as a child?