Our Animation Portfolio

The proof of the pudding! Here’s a selection of our finest and proudest animation and motion graphic projects.

TAPA IIS Animated Explainer Video


Cargo Crime Animated Explainer Video for TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association) and IIS (Incident Information Service)

Advanced Secure Animated Video Thumbnail

Advanced Secure

A character driven animated explainer video with bold statements designed to work with and without audio.

IExpE announcement animation motion graphic


Short animation to announce the new website and its features for The Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE).

Superdrug Animated Explainer Video


We’ve worked closely over many years with their Internal Communications department to create a suite of videos to inform and educate their staff.

Jason and the Argonauts animated poster social video

Jason and the Argonauts

An animated poster we created for the theatrical version of ‘Jason and the Argonauts’, produced in and touring around Wales, April 2017.

Patron Motorsport short explainer animation

Patron Motorsport

Short looping explainer animation for Patron Motorsport, utilising motion graphics and fast transitions to promote the ‘Expert Finder’ section of the website in under 20 seconds!

Smart Polish Pro Animated Promo video

Smart Polish Pro

A short animated explainer video to demonstrate the ease of how to use their product

Kizzy Crawford Gerridae Animated Music Video

Kizzy Crawford

A simple and charming animated music video for welsh artist Kizzy Crawford

Horizons Gorwellion


Promotional animated video for the post-Womex Horizons/Gorwelion tour around Wales

Three Animated Promo


We created an animated promo video to sell one of the UK’s leading mobile broadband offerings for use in retail outlets and online.

Gentle Good Yr Wylan Fry

The Gentle Good

We had the privilege of creating an animated music video for the lead single “Yr Wylan Fry” – a tale of an 8th Century Chinese Poet.

Mappa Muni Still Life Animated Trailer

Mappa Mundi Theatre

A haunting animated teaser trailer to promote the ‘Still Life’ theatre tour.

Wales Goes Pop 2015 Thumbnail

Wales Goes Pop 2015

Branding and Stage Visuals for the Wales Goes Pop 2015 Music Festival

Ellie Makes Music Animated Music Video

Ellie Makes Music

An animated music video for Cardiff singer-songwriter Ellie Makes Music

Quiet Marauder Animated Music Video

Quiet Marauder

Kinetic Typography music video for a tragic love story from beyond the grave.

Albatross Archive Animated Music Video

Albatross Archive

Animated music videos and backing visuals for Cardiff based band – Albatross Archive

Singable Animated Explainer Video


A promotional explainer video demonstrating the service and its key benefits to drive sign-up conversions for Signable.

Ordnance Survey Explainer Video

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey needed a set of animated explainer videos for their new digital applications offering to boost conversions and understanding.