Internal Communications

We’ve worked closely with Superdrug’s Internal Communications department to create content that informs and educates employees. From the new employee induction video to training for new products and procedures.

Our latest work with the company in early 2017, consisted of producing 21 short explainer animations, featuring a range of relatable characters and motion graphics, making often ‘dry’ topics easier to digest and train staff on company policies. The video (left) is a highlight reel of the content we created for this project.

Back Catalogue

We’ve been working with Superdrug and their sister company Savers since 2011, making a range of animated and filmed content to inform and train their staff.

Featured Projects include:

  • New Staff Induction
  • Career Testimonials
  • Store Segmentation
  • Staff Engagement
  • Work Place Pensions
  • Christmas Conference

The video (left) is a highlight reel of these projects.