The Gentle Good

‘Yr Wylan Fry’ music video

‘Yr Wylan Fry’ (The Free Seabird) is the lead single from the album ‘Y Bardd Anfarwol’, released at the end of 2013 with Bubblewrap Records, and tells the life story of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai.

To promote the album and widen the band’s reach to new audiences we were commissioned to create an Animated Music Video for ‘Yr Wylan Fry’, reflecting the style and themes of the album’s sound and existing artwork.


Having decided to leave his wife behind in search of work, Li Bai finds his way onto a ship and begins travelling along the great rivers of China. The title of this song comes from a poem by a contemporary of Li Bai’s; a poet called Du Fu, who said: “that the life of a traveller is like that of a seabird flying overhead; it’s easy to see going by but once gone he is gone forever”.

In this song Li Bai sings to his wife, who he has had to leave behind, wishing that he could be with her.

Yr Wylan Fry made its debut on the Welsh music program ‘Ochr 1′ on S4C, 14th May 2014


Animation and Design: Matthew Creed

Music: The Gentle Good