Our Services

Bust through the technical jargon. Add movement to a social feed. Make an audience react to your story. We will work with you to produce high-quality animation and build a winning strategy around it. Here is what Jammy Custard Animation can offer you.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are not only great for boosting audience reach; they are a sales team’s best friend, too. With years of experience balancing creativity with commercial thinking, we can help you see the wood from the trees and find the best way to explain even the most complex product or service to potential customers.

Animated TV Commercials and Productions

Jammy Custard works with agencies, studios and directly with brands to produce animation for broadcast and digital streaming providers. Our capabilities and network mean we can handle everything for you, from briefing to hand-off for distribution. If you set the objectives and limitations, we’ll provide the answer that makes your audience react.

E-Learning and Internal Communications

We’ve mastered the art of converting a stack of pages from an employee manual to something thoroughly engaging. We’ve also brought events and important news to life with animation and managed film production. We’ve worked with the likes of Superdrug, The National Trust, House of Fraser, White Stuff and more.

Short Promotional Animation

Short promotional videos - Cawdor Vauxhall

Promotional Video Content

One of the fastest growing areas of demand, short promotional video content is perfect for growing reach on social media or reinforcing your brand’s messaging. From 3-second stings to 30-second animated spots, we develop strategies for a variety of budgets using addictive animation and motion graphics.

Point of Sale Graphics - Salt Bar

Point of Sale Display Animations & Motion Graphics

Whether your tempting customers with the latest fast-food delicacy at the counter or giving customers a tour of your latest high-end product worthy of their investment, we can help you make your digital display screens work hard for you using a range of animation disciplines and 2D motion graphics.

Maes B - Large Screen Event Visuals

Event & Large-screen Visuals

Our experience and passion for live events mean we are well-placed to help you keep an audience informed or immersed in the atmosphere, using animation and motion graphics. Our experience of event work has seen us produce visuals suitable for seamless live-mixing and animation that reacts to audio.

Our Process and You

*The items in pink below – that’s where you come in!


  • Create/develop brief
  • Research phase
  • Workshop initial ideas
  • Refine brief


  • Scripting and Screenwriting
  • Storyboarding and Animatic
  • Concept Artwork
  • Asset Creation
  • Voice-over and Audio selection


  • Voice-over Recording
  • Animation
  • Submission of Draft
  • Revision drafts
  • Audio composition and mixing
  • Final edit


  • Effects / Grading (optional)
  • Rendering and Delivery (creating the usable file)
  • Strategy and SEO Guidelines
  • Performance Check
  • Supply brief
  • Workshop initial ideas (opt.)
  • Supply assets and brand materials
  • Sign-off of scripting
  • Sign-off of storyboarding
  • Sign-off of visual style
  • Sign-off of audio selection
  • Feedback on draft
  • Sign-off on final edit
  • Upload to final destination
  • Optimise for SEO
  • De-brief

View our briefing guide for animation projects

There’s plenty to think about when briefing a video production company, particularly if you’ve not commissioned an animation before. We’ve developed a helpful guide of all the things to consider. Regardless of where you are in the decision-making process, our briefing guide for animation projects might give you some inspiration.

Contact Our Team

If you have an idea the size of a crumb, a brief the size of War and Peace, or simply no time to lose, our team are always happy to offer up advice to move your goals closer to you. Just simply get in touch with whatever you have and we’ll aim to respond within 24 hours (except weekends, we all need those) and build a plan for success.

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