In 2014 ReelSEO reported that 300+ hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. By that statistic alone, it just goes to show how important Search Engine Optimisation for video is if you want to stand out.

Below is a check list that we’ve tried and tested if you want to help your videos ranking on Youtube and Google.

The 7-Point Video SEO Checklist

Research keywords

What’s your video about, are there similar videos? If so what keywords are used to find them. By researching keywords you can see who you’re up against which will help determine how you approach the following steps.

Descriptive title

Say what the video is about, making sure to incorporate appropriate keywords. This will not only aid search engines but will also encourage more people to view your video over a video that has a vague title.

Appropriate keywords and Informative description

When adding tags and keywords to the title and description of the video, make sure they are relevant to the content and your brand. Also make sure to include ‘video’ as a keyword, as people will search for “something something video” as a query.


Make sure you put your video under the closest category that matches your content. For example if you’re uploading an animated video then list it under ‘Film & Animation’. It’s pretty simple and obvious but an incorrect category could damage your visibility.

Attractive thumbnail

When your video has uploaded you will be presented with 3 random thumbnails selected from your video. Sometimes it will be perfect and you select the one you want to use. But it’s worth getting into the practice of making your own custom thumbnail that includes the title and imagery that best represents the content.

Enabled comments

This gives the opportunity for communication between users and yourself. This may need some moderation to filter out any spam or inappropriate comments, but generally those who leave any feedback are more likely to take further action; be it sharing the video or purchasing your product or service, at the very least they are improving your search rankings.

Implement a linking strategy

Link to your video from other sites: embed it on your website or blog, share it on social networks, embed it on other relevant sites for your business. The more links back to your video, the better its search engine ranking. Search engines depend on the number and quality of the links to determine the credibility of the video.

Generating sales

In a business sense, you would now have a video that not only engages with your audience and converts them into sales/sign-ups, but a video that attracts substantial daily views with very little ‘ongoing’ effort. Of course trends change and the SEO would need to be monitored and tweaked to match your industry, but this little lesson in video SEO proves that having effectively optimised content will substantially increase your visibility, and ultimately create more sales.

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