You can’t ignore it any more, videos are getting shorter as mobile traffic increases, and handheld devices dictate the way we obtain information.

With apps and social networks like Instagram and Vine designed to work exclusively on these devices, it makes sense that more and more people are putting away their computers in favour of a handheld device.

Let’s look at how and why short form videos are the way forward.

1. Mobile on the rise

The convenience of being able to pull a phone out of your pocket and quickly obtain or contribute information is appealing, so it stands to reason that online content is being developed and adjusted to fit this lifestyle. Websites are being optimised for faster access on smaller screens, and videos are getting shorter to fit our growing need for fast-paced information.

Mobile Data in the UK is quickly rising as the main source of access to the Internet, and according to reports from, video accounts for the majority of Mobile data traffic.

2. Perfect for social media/shareable

Popular apps like Instagram, Vine and Snapchat are social networks exclusive to mobile devices that utilise the device’s camera to post photos and videos.

The visual content generated on these apps can also be embedded on websites and shared easily across other networks like Twitter and Facebook to reach a wider audience.

Below: An animation we created for St Dwynwen’s Day, posted on Vine and then shared on Twitter.

3. Direct and to the point

Shorter video durations forces you to tighten your message and get straight to the point. This is great for promoting a new product and focusing on a specific feature.

So, the content is simple and the duration is short, making the video more appealing as it takes less time and effort to watch. Perfect for sharing across social media where information is brief and fast.

4. Limitation encourages creativity

Apps like Vine and Instagram have a limit on duration (Vine at 6 seconds and Instagram at 15 seconds). With this limit comes some of the most creative and attention grabbing videos.

Creative and engaging content encourages sharing and discussion. The example below is made by Samsung, showcasing their range of devices with an animated basketball player dunking a ball.

5. Loop

Looping videos have become so popular that Youtube has recently gotten in on the act (simply right click on a YT video and select Loop). Looping removes the conventional way of storytelling and opens it up to more creative and abstract approaches.

There’s also something satisfying in watching a looping video and not being able to find the start and end points.

6. Real-time marketing

Every year brands release content for specific events and holidays, but more and more brands are jumping on ‘real-time’ events, reacting quickly to news and events with fun, creative and shareable content. Take this tweet by Coca-Cola celebrating the birth of the Royal Baby for instance.

The same approach could be done in video format just as easily (albeit with a bit more preparation), but if you know of a particular event coming up that a lot of people are going to be talking about, then why not take advantage?

Here’s a Vine from Oreo referencing Game of Thrones, playing on the line ‘All Men Must Die’. This Vine would’ve gone out after a particular episode when a certain character lost their head.

7. Short videos are longer than you think

You don’t need long videos to share information. In just 15 seconds on Instagram, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver demonstrates how you can make a salad.

Shake it like a nutter a Simple side salad that’s delish #jamie #veganhappy @timothyshieff

A video posted by Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) on

And in 6 seconds, Oreo shares tips on how to improve ice cream. Done!

8. Reduce bounce rate

It’s been proven that when visiting a site with videos, users stay on the page for longer, understand a product or service quicker, and are more likely to follow a Call To Action after viewing.

By using a short video you can get your audience to understand a product quickly, leaving them with a Call To Action fast and far more effectively than with written words on the page.

9. SEO Power

Social media encourages inbound links to your website. The best way to get people to your website and take notice is by good and engaging content, and what better way than something visual that stands out in a feed.

Even better, videos on Youtube appear directly in Google’s search results – right at the top! Making it easier for your customers to find your video, and your video to find new customers.

10. Brand Awareness

Video is more than just a tool for getting your message across, it’s also a powerful way of building awareness of your overall brand, its style and especially its character.

Here’s Dunkin Donuts and their lo-fi stop motion recreating a historic SuperBowl moment, and the engagement that tweet had with their twitter followers in the form of retweets and likes.

You can also keep your followers up to date on big events within your business or industry. Here’s Mercedes Benz showcasing their new Coupe at a recent event; the video posted soon after with highlights of the day. Even though the general public may not have been able to attend the event themselves, the video got people talking – just take a look at the amount of likes this clip got.

You don’t always need to feature your business or product directly in order to establish brand character and engagement with your business. Sometimes just being helpful, like how to change your clock forward, is enough to help with social ROI.


You can’t deny that short videos are growing in popularity, and that the benefits are many.

Very quickly you can demonstrate a product or service, share expertise, jump on current events and generally have fun with your brand.

Ultimately you have a chance to help your audience to get to know your brand better, in a more accessible way. It’s an exciting medium that’s only going to grow and become more immersive. Embrace it!

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